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September 14, 2020

A week at Wallinworld. Stay safe all! 😷♥️

The look of fall on our screen house. I hope we get to see some beautiful fall colors before heading south!
I filled the bird feeders thinking it would last the last 4 weeks, and the finches and songbirds and cardinals went ape crap on it!! This was like 4 days afterward. We walk out and there are sometimes 10 birds eating! 😍
Baraboo WI
After a fabulous burger at a really cool place we found in Baraboo, we were given dessert to drink. Licor 43 with a heavy cream float. 👍We MUST find this stuff!!
Got a hair cut in town at a cute little place for $15! They must have swept the hair over from the old lady next to me….
Miss Jett
I found a Wallin throwback in a book!
People- they’re the WORST Jerry!
Found a bar in Packer country with owners from Illinois!
They play a game, flag football. Everybody’s name is put in a jar. Whenever a flag is thrown, the person gets the GB mug and drinks free until the next flag is thrown. Steve got it halfway through the second quarter and was hoping to have it through halftime…. (that would have been a loser for the bar!)

2 seconds before the end of 2nd quarter a flag is thrown!! I got the mug from him!! Na na na na na!!

13 thoughts on “September 14, 2020

      1. Yes we will be around then. Are you guys coming thru Michigan? That would be awesome!!!
        We leave for the Keys on Oct. 23rd, returning Nov. 2nd.


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