Feb 3, 2020

A crazy cloudy day in Mesa as a cold front moved in!

BADGES! We don’t need no…… Wait, we do need badges! To flush out interlopers, of course! Instructed to wear at all times!! 😁
This is for #1 fan Pammy! This song still makes me think of you and Jes. 😁
Our park people showing off their line dance class skills!! In jackets. In Arizona. 🥶

5 thoughts on “Feb 3, 2020

  1. OMG..was getting soo worries!! Awwww..😂😂.LOVE IT!! Thanx!! Darius is awesome!! Damn jackets!!! As for the badges..at least u don’t have 2 have ur pix in them…lol!! Tell Jeanine congrats!! Enjoyed the Twinnies 2Day but never long enough!! Have fun n stay warm in Mesa!! Those hot Cubbies r on their way!! ❤️⚾️🍻😘

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