Dec 13, 2019

Mt Dora hosts Art in the Alley once a month and Viv makes necklaces and earrings (which are beautiful, by the way) so we went there for the evening to sell her wares. I am in L♥️VE with this town!! Reminds me of the Hayward WI of my yoot!! Looking forward to Steve getting back Sunday!! It’s going to be in the 80s so he will be thrilled 👍

Mt Dora museum
Viv’s display
Entertainment from the Mt Dora Library Ukulele group. They were so cute I didn’t mind the words being messed up! 🥰
Guest percussionist Danny Rubio
Bought this keychain from an old hippie who had a table in the show. After spending a few minutes with him I found him to be a kindred spirit and could not leave without buying a “Harry original” from him !! He makes things out of stretched out 8 track tape!
His business card if you would like to buy something from him

5 thoughts on “Dec 13, 2019

  1. OMG…u mustn’t having a ball!! Sooo happy 4 u!! Ur friend Viv’s Stuff looks amazing! N ur little hippy keychain is soo awesome…I can just picture the guy!! Lol!! Steve will be glad 2 get back 2 warm weather although it’s really not that BAD here!! I’m wondering if u r really gonna leave from where u are!! Really beautiful n u r really enjoying!! Lol!!

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