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Dec 7, 2019

Viv had a party for Danny’s 60th and allowed me and Mitch to piggyback! Roasted a pig (Jes don’t look) and drank enough to kill a small mammal 😳 A great group of people to celebrate with!

🤷‍♀️ Too much moonshine ….


Dec 3, 2019

Great day at the ranch and it was a beautiful fall day! I love sweater weather so I’m in heaven!! ♥️

Our view of the pasture
Joan checking out the competition
Broken Board Ranch residents coming in for dinner 😍
Viv’s blood orange tree
41 degrees when we got up! We’ve answered the question “why are you leaving South Florida?” more than once…

Dec 2, 2019

Dropped off some plumeria plants to our friends the Hays in Tampa to babysit. These are special because they are from cousin George Jarke, which he brought back from Hawaii, Stayed in a rest area for the first time. That was interesting. Steve rested – I did not. Will the exhaust from the truck next to us kill me me in my sleep? Will anybody kill us? The running motors. The highway noise. You know – the usual stuff 🙄Onward to the Broken Board Ranch to hang with the Rubios for a spell.

I did
Joan settles in
Can’t decide how to collect a sticker…
Eat a meal or stay overnight. Florida is covered either way …


Day one went off without any major glitches. We got a shout out from Pastor Steve and a warm send off from our church family so we are covered in prayer on our trip! It was quite humbling and a little emotional for me. Kindness is harder for me to handle than meanness for some reason… 🤷‍♀️
We had breakfast with DJ and we headed out.
Here’s some typical Wallinworld stuff…We stopped for an adjustment just before the 18 mile stretch and about a minute after taking off again Steve calls (we are in two vehicles for a bit till he brings the Jeep to IL) and says there was a big the bump in the lot pulling out and a bunch of stuff flew out of the cabinet and it “sounds bad.” 😳
I picture the bathroom door busting open and Luke flying out from the RV bathroom when Phil jerked the wheel in Modern Family 😂😂 I said we’d deal with it later. I remembered my fish in his bowl in in the sink BELOW the cabinet and I’m now imagining all the contents of cabinet landing on the bowl and breaking it and my poor fish flopping around in the sink dying!! 😳 I call Steve back and and I ask if the fish is ok.
He: I don’t know
Me: Can you look?
He: No, I’m driving
Me: Can’t you just like glance over your shoulder and see if you can see the bowl over the top of the sink? If the bowl is still intact – he’s ok. (Makes sense to me)
He: No I can’t – I’m driving.
To be honest I really don’t know what the sight line is from the drivers seat to the sink, or how much a guy with back and neck issues would have to turn, while driving, without causing great bodily harm to “glance back”, but I worried across the entire stretch!! When we were stopped at a light and he was able to look. The fish was fine. 👍
We got to Estero and cousins Debbie and Terri Jarke met up with us and took us out for a bite. ♥️ The long day kicked in and we pretty much turned in without so much as a campfire! Looking forward to checking out Koreshan State Park before pulling out…

Hello / Goodbye
Whole Lotta Rosie on the move
Easy to look back and see – right??
Stress over a $5 fish 🙄

“You and I have memories, longer than the road that stretches out ahead” The Beatles

After five years in the Keys we are ready for new adventures. We replaced the RV that Irma took from us and we’re going to hit the road!

Combining our love of eating, drinking, adventure, and stuff like big balls of twine and houses of mud, we’re taking off for a year (or two). Our departure date is on or before December 1 so feel free to sign up and join us as we travel.

We will publish a shell of a schedule so please tell us about anything cool you have found along the road so we can check it out!