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September 7, 2020

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Labor Day! Here’s a little of Wallinworld from last week. Have a good week and stay safe 😷 Love to all ♥️

Got out on the scoot for that awesome weather

Knuth Brewery in Ripon 👍
Our new friend Stephanie
Veggie pizza was molto bene! Steve had a Cuban sammy and said it was the best he’s ever had.
Non conformity 👍
Of course
Choices. Condom or crossbow… 🤔
So my thought that we had one rogue mouse was wishful thinking….. This was number 5. 😳
Going to try cotton balls soaked in peppermint as a deterrent. Super jumbo should do it! 😁🤞
The line at Dollar General. I don’t generally shop there, but I was in need of mouseproofing supplies. This is a return visit deterrent!!
Our friend the Blue Heron taking flight. I read they eat mice. My new hero!
I now look at all small animals as potential intruders
Crazy rain last week left a lot of areas flooded
Beans on the Lake Michigan shore ♥️♥️

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