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August 3, 2020

Ahhhhh the Northwoods – Hayward Wisconsin! The Wisconsin of my yoot and vacation spot up til we moved to Florida. Also the original planned retirement spot. It makes my heart smile to be back! 🥰

As kids, we knew when we made the turn onto A at Dow’s Corner we were almost to the cabin!
Dow’s is a bar now and owner Ken is an Elvis fanatic like Steve…. he gave us a preview of the song he’s doing at his upcoming “Elvis night”
Misty morning
Fish cleaning house
Sounds of morning
Headed to town
One of my favorite places to go junking is closed due to stupid Covid 😥
We never miss eating at the German restaurant.
Main street Hayward
My favorite place for jelly bismarks adjusting to Covid
My tall pines ♥️
Got mowers?

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