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August 1,2020

Wow August! SoFlo heading into the big storm months and us in Wisconsin are ordered to wear a mask at all times when out! After a day of decompression from company last week, we got ready for a trip up north to Hayward and the UP. Stay safe! 😷 Love to all ♥️

The seaweed mower. Not sure what the actual name of the implement is 🤷‍♀️
The corn corridor
The wildflowers are all over now
I have often wondered if the fields of sunflowers have some purpose other than just being beautiful
Raining on the cow parade
We buy farm fresh anything when we’re out exploring. And you rarely see people. Just drop your money in a coffee can….
If you ever see a farm stand selling “ground cherries” – buy them. Described as a little pearl in a paper lantern that tastes like a cherry tomato infused with mango and pineapple. Absolutely delicious! 😋
I’ve seen more wild turkeys wandering around in the last few months than I have seen in my entire life …
Was trying to get this guy and he posed perfectly
A mom isn’t supposed to have favorites…..🥰
Went out for dinner before hitting the road and had crazy good craft old fashioneds
This dude just hanging out on the picnic table
Two days of packing up and you know where Joan Jett was….. No way she’s getting left behind!
Three months of pine needles and cottonwood fuzz needed to be cleaned off!!
Bennie Boo
JJ Kiss Lips

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