July 13, 2020

A weekend of family and friends. Daddy took the T-bird away!! Have a good week and stay safe! ♥️

The Hughes clan
That Steve guy helping Ava
First fish goes the girl 💪👏👍
Timmy and Lesa added to the corruption
The ones they warned us all about
A quick visit from the beans 🥰
Blueberry picking
Feel old?
Staying ahead of the storm
Joan likes to be involved in everything
The squirrels are cleaning out the birdseed! Can’t wait for the baffle to be delivered. 😡
Our turtle friend checking out the girls
That’s Jes screaming at the end 😂
FYI by “throw” Col meant food!! No animals get harmed at Wallinworld!!
JJ likes s’mores
Bennie entertaining Papa
Post pool

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