May 5, 2020

Getting settled in…. Looking forward to being able to get OUT and settling in the new hood.

Steve taking a break from unpacking and going through all the brochures and stuff we’ve collected along the way
I don’t know what Joan’s doing 🤷‍♀️
Night one (of 3) of the Flower Moon. The last super moon of 2020.
A look at our travels. We lost quite a few places having to alter plans because of stupid coronavirus! We are grateful we are healthy though! 👍♥️

9 thoughts on “May 5, 2020

  1. I’m loving your daily posts and great photos from your adventures. Its a virtual reality trip for the rest of us 😀. Will living in Florida be in your future again, or are you scouting places to relocate to?

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    1. Thanks! I took a break from the daily for a bit in AZ but going to do daily till saturate the scenery here lol. Yes scouting! We love the idea of 3 places … central Florida, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Trying to figure how to do it, keep FL as primary residence etc 🤷‍♀️
      When we all get the official okey dokey to get together, I would live to see you. We will be in the Midwest till fall 👍


      1. Cool. Let’s definitely get together at my house over the summer when you’re in the Chicago area. We’ll grill steaks and have some beverages 😬 around the fire pit 🔥


  2. Everything looks sooo awesome! N that damn virus!! But you guys made the best of it!!! Hope ur getting settled in!!! 😊😘


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