March 30, 2020

Well people, life has certainly been turned upside down for us all! We are staying at least another month in Arizona. We’re moving closer to Jeanie though, about an hour from here. Mesa is very populated and the new place is much smaller and is kind of in the middle of nowhere in a developing area. Could be a good thing if this disease continues on the current course. Arizona is not locked down yet and we are prepared to do so. We are doing what everyone else is – walking the dog, riding bikes, binging on tv shows and old movies. We are keeping all of our family and friends close in our hearts as we pray fervently for us all!! God bless!!

Steve has juiced about 250 oranges in the last few days for our daily vitamin C intake. Which may or may not have vodka in it. For medicinal purposes.
Joan Jett unaffected by it all
DIY fencing
Mountains and clouds. Something rarely seen on the blog…. 😊

4 thoughts on “March 30, 2020

  1. Little behind the times here…Lol! The juice looks delish but could never drink out of that tumbler. LMFAO
    Glad you guys are doing well and moving closer!! XOXO

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