March 10, 2020

Cubs, clouds, cones, Beach Boys, bags, big beavers, Elvis, and a little more. Have a good week and sing happy birthday twice while you wash your hands!!!! ♥️

87 degrees and sitting on the ground in the lawn seemed like a good idea …. 🙄
Fire and Rescue waiting for people to fall out
A frosty welcome for the Sox
Simpson’s sky
Love it
Hates it
Post Beach Boys. Adrian made inconsequential was unintentional 😂😂
One of my favorites
Bags in the ballroom. We spanked them.
The heritage district of Gilbert 👍
Elvis went to them
Working that fringe!
I took the silversmith class and made a few rings. Fun but a little too labor intensive for me…
Silversmith dropout. My stone fell out 7 hours after I made the ring 🙄
The many uses of the loops on my phone case/purse gig. I had to look up boba tea lol

5 thoughts on “March 10, 2020

  1. OMG…Finally…Lol…Miss hearing from you!!! You guys look amazingly good n chilled!!! Awesome!!! Go CUBBIES!!! Everything looks sooo good!!! Except for poor Joan..😔!! LOVED Elvis 🕺🏿…specially in SLOMO!! Lol!! Beach Boys…Awesome!! Boba in everything by me…lol!!! So glad u guys are having such a great time!! Love the rings!!

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