Jan 12, 2020

We got to Blanco TX and set up. This is a pretty small state park (50 spots) but very nice. They just stocked the Blanco River with trout and there is a bunch of other fish species present, so we’re hoping we do better then the catfish undertaking of AL!! Setting up a few day rides in one of our favorite parts of the country… 😍 Everybody have a good week!

Houston TX just starting to wake up
There are these HUGE gas stations down here – BucEe’s. This one is in Katy TX.

62 gas pumps.

You can get anything in there!
Just some of the damage done to the bank account…
Little bit of the Hill Country
This week’s home
Air ferns in the wild
And a picture of Joan Jett!! She’s been such a good girl on the trip.

4 thoughts on “Jan 12, 2020

  1. You are living out one item from our bucket list, so jealous, but we have to finish our remaining house projects; most of the major work is done on the main level. Our next cross country adventure will include an RV, last time we used a tent, as you know. Speaking of Joan Jett, did you see her play on the Sunday Night football commercial with Carrie Underwood. I love it — https://www.nbcsports.com/video/carrie-underwood-joan-jett-team-electric-sunday-night-football-open . She looked good, better than when she was a co-judge on the Voice, in my opinion. I am also partial to Pink’s Sunday / Monday night NFL commercial from several years ago, she was so cool and rocked it, but I heard the menfolk didn’t like her (don’t sure if that is true).


    1. No we didn’t! We are on 2 wheels instead of 4 so we’re not getting out too much at night and we were trying to just go with what channels we get with the antenna… Not working 🙄 We are already talking about getting a booster lol. Me without TV is not pretty! The trip has been great but it has to be said it is a lot of work! For me anyway. I cannot give up the control and be free wheeling!! 😁 I have to have a plan and reservations! We’re 45+ feet and can’t be pulling in and out of places with ease!!


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