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Dec 11,2019

Met a baby cow that was born when we got here (on the ranch of friends of Danny and Viv.) Went back to Juniper Spring. Made it to the big spring! Worth the walk.

Baby Lupita 🥰
I love the rings that are made as the spring water “bubbles up”
Crystal clear water
I was addicted to picking up seashells… I traded it for another vice!
People have to be told twice not to approach alligators? And they have to add not to harass it!! 😁


5 thoughts on “Dec 11,2019

  1. Juniper Spring looks like a jewel! Your photo of the big Spring circles is beautiful. So happy you’re already having an incredible journey. Colleen and JC returned from Virginia yesterday. We all wish you many more “happy trails”💚

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  2. OMG…everything is sooo breathe taking!! The crystal clear waters are amazing!! And as far as the gators..wouldn’t get close enough 2 even read the sign!!! What memories u r making! Hope all is well with Steve!! 😘

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